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Moravian Beliefs & Traditions

Central Moravian Church is a member of the Unitas Fratrum or the Unity of the Brethren, an international denomination popularly called the Moravian Church.

Moravians were some of the first Protestant Missionaries, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to many parts of the world. As early as the 1730’s, Moravian missionaries from Herrnhut, Germany and later from other parts of the world, traveled to many of the islands of the Caribbean, the eastern US, Labrador, Alaska, parts of Europe, Suriname, South Africa, Tanzania and parts of Central America.  Moravian churches are located in 19 provinces and other Moravian fellowships throughout the world.

Central is part of BAM, the Bethlehem Area Moravians. The other churches in this group are: Advent, College Hill, East Hills, Edgeboro and West Side.  The BAM churches join together for a variety of ministries, for their own congregations and the wider community of Bethlehem.

Central is also a part of the Eastern District of the Moravian Church, Northern Province in America. You can find out more at www.mcnp.org

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Guiding Principles for Biblical Interpretation - please click here for this document. 

Many beloved traditions of the Moravian Church can be seen and enjoyed throughout the year.

Christmas Traditions:

Beeswax CandleBeeswax Candles – At our Christmas Eve services, beeswax candles with red paper frill are distributed to worshippers to bring the light of Jesus into their lives and hearts.

Window Candles – Many Moravian (and non-Moravian) buildings use single candles in their windows, which make a lovely sight to behold.

Moravian StarMoravian Star – A classic symbol of the Moravian Church is the 26 point star and can be seen throughout the Bethlehem community. There is a very large star that illuminates our sanctuary during Advent and Christmas.

Putz – Please see our Putz page for a description and listing of times to visit.

Lent and Easter:

Lent and Easter are also important times during the church year for Central Moravian Church. Many special services are held, especially during Holy Week. Each evening after Palm Sunday, a service including readings from the gospels lead worshippers on the final journey of Jesus Christ. A Lovefeast is held on Saturday afternoon. The Easter Sunrise service begins in the Sanctuary and then worshippers walk to God’s Acre cemetery where the service is completed, accompanied by the Bethlehem Area Trombone Choir (founded in 1754). Later on Easter Sunday, 2 services (9 a.m. and 11 a.m.) are held with special music and messages. A scripture egg hunt is held after the 9 a.m. service for children and families.