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Visiting Central For The First Time?

Old Chapel and Belfry

Are you visiting Central for the first time? Looking for a church home in the Lehigh Valley? Perhaps just interested in learning more about Central Moravian Church and experiencing Moravian worship? You are most welcome!

Our church is located on a campus in the midst of a beautiful church green at the southern end of Main Street in Historic Bethlehem. The campus contains a number different buildings which all are used on different occasions by the church as well as the Lower Campus of Moravian Academy.

Central Moravian Campus Map

Places of Worship:

“Wherever you are in your faith journey, you are welcome at Central Moravian Church”

Old Chapel: Our 1751 Old Chapel is located in the midst of the church green, just to the left if you are driving down Heckewelder Alley and directly behind the Central Moravian Church Sanctuary. It is the site of our 9 a.m. worship service which occurs from September - May. This service is about 45 minutes long. In addition to the regular service of worship, there is also a children’s message. The children are invited to the front of the chapel to spend a few minutes with a pastor or lay leader for interaction geared to help children understand the lessons of the day. From time to time, the children may also receive a small keepsake to help them remember the message. The chapel seats about 150 which allows for a more intimate worship experience. We often use the Old Chapel for memorial services and weddings.

Sanctuary: Our church Sanctuary, with the memorable belfry, is located on the corner of Main Street and Church Street. Our 11 a.m. worship services are held there (10 a.m. from June - August) as well as a number of community events, concerts, and other services. The 11 a.m. service features our director of music, Rebecca Lepore, on the newly refurbished and enhanced Moller organ in a traditional worship service. Music plays a significant part in the Moravian worship experience. In addition to the choir and organ, this service is often enhanced with brass ensembles, hand bells, soloists, and other accompaniments.

Where to enter the sanctuary may be daunting for a first time visitor as there are four different sets of double doors!   All the doors are unlocked and have foyers prior to entering the Sanctuary.  After the start of a service, you will be directed to the west or Main Street doors which allow you to enter the church from the rear.

Children are always welcome in the sanctuary for worship. We do provide childcare for children ages four and younger in our nursery located in the West Rooms of the sanctuary. Children can start out in the sanctuary and go to the nursery if they need a break or they can spend the entire worship service in the nursery. Our ushers and sacristans will be happy to direct you to the nursery. Older children can also go to the nursery to pick up bags with coloring books and crayons.

Moravian Worship:

You will almost always hear during the service “wherever you are in your faith journey, you are welcome at Central Moravian Church.” We understand that everyone’s faith journey is a unique experience. We also believe it is a journey best taken in the company of fellow Christians. At Central, we focus on aiding each other in defining our personal relationship with God.

We strive to use the simple beauty and awe of our worship spaces, along with music, Scripture, prayers and reflections, to bring each worshipper closer to the presence of God, sending out us forth with Spirit’s call for our life.

Christian Education:

Our Christian Education building is used by Moravian Academy during the week, but is the site of most of our Sunday Schools classrooms on Sunday mornings. We also use this building for public programs, educational events and other meetings. It is located directly off the Christian Education parking lot, accessible off of New Street as you drive toward the City Center between Main and Market Street.

During the school year, there are a variety of adult education classes at 10 a.m. or occasional special talks led by special speakers. We also provide regular Sunday School classes for ages 3-grades 12. Please visit our website pages on Children and Youth and Adult Education to learn more!

Church Office:

If you are coming during the week for information about our church, you are welcome to visit us in the church office, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 12:30 - 3 p.m. The Church office is located at 73 W. Church Street, just across the street from the Sanctuary.


We have lots of parking throughout our campus, so please don’t be intimidated by parking concerns when visiting us. Our biggest lot is located just to the east of the Christian Education building. It is accessible by an alleyway from New Street as you drive toward the City Center between Main and Market Street. Watch for the “Moravian Academy” sign at the southeast corner of God’s Acre Cemetery. From the Christian Education lot, it is a short walk down the hill to the Old Chapel or sanctuary.

We also have a smaller lot behind the church office building. The driveway is located between the Widow’s House (53 W. Church Street) and 63 W. Church Street, with the lot to the right.

Unlimited parking is permitted on both sides of Church Street on Sundays; other days, only the left side is open for 2 hour parking. Heckewelder Alley is reserved for handicapped parking on Sundays only; other days, it is open for 2 hour parking. Or consider parking on Main Street or a local Bethlehem parking garage.

Handicapped Accessibility:

All our public buildings are handicap accessible.

Sanctuary: Please use the door off of Heckewelder Alley (NE door).

Old Chapel: A lift is available on the West side of the Chapel (facing Heckewelder Alley)

Christian Education building: This building has an elevator and is accessible from either floor.


We encourage you not to be shy about asking questions from anyone on campus during your visit. We try hard to identify and welcome visitors, but also encourage you to identify yourself.

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