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Mission & Vision

Central Moravian Church’s Mission Statement:

Central Moravian ChurchCentral Moravian Church is an inclusive community of God’s people which assembles for worship, education, and fellowship as members of the worldwide Moravian Church. Our members are committed to meeting the needs of society and nurturing individuals on their spiritual journeys as we honor our Moravian heritage. We live our lives serving and fulfilling the mission of Christ in the world.

Central Moravian Church’s Vision Statement:

To honor God in all that we do through:
meaningful opportunities for worship
dynamic music ministry
active Christian education and spiritual development programs
awareness of and response to the social, spiritual and physical needs of our community and world
practice of good financial stewardship
affirmation and development of our community and worldwide partners
practice of our Moravian motto: In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, in all things love.

Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome to worship with us at Central Moravian Church.

We worship together at two Sunday services during the most of the church year. At 9 a.m. we meet in the Old Chapel, a shorter service especially for families and those who prefer a smaller, more intimate setting.

At 11 a.m., a service is held in the Central Moravian Church sanctuary. This service also welcomes families.

The 10 a.m. hour, between the two services, offers Church School for all ages – mainly in the Christian Education Building.

Our summer schedule (June-August) offers one service at 10 a.m. in the sanctuary.

At times during the year, special services offering Lovefeast and Holy Communion are held.

The first Moravian Lovefeast was held on August 13, 1727 in Berthelsdorf, Germany. Count Zinzendorf, an 18th century leader of the Moravian Church in Germany, sent food from his kitchen to the groups of worshippers who met after they had left the church. Today’s Lovefeasts continue to be devotional in nature, and include a simple sweet bun and coffee, or perhaps a cookie and juice. While the congregation sings hymns meaningful to the time of year for the Lovefeast, Sacristans of the church serve the buns from baskets and the coffee in mugs from trays. The congregation partakes together while special music, from the choir or instrumental ensemble, is enjoyed. The mugs are then collected during more congregational singing. Juice boxes are now served after the coffee for anyone who prefers this option. 

Central Moravian ChurchThe Moravian Church practices open communion, which means that members of all Christian Churches are invited to share the bread and the cup of Holy Communion. During meaningful hymn singing, the bread and the cup are brought to the pews by the pastors, reminding us of God’s initiative through Christ, in coming to each one of us. Those who wish to receive Communion, stand with the others in their group as the pastor approaches. Those who choose not to partake, simply remain seated. After the group is served, all sit and continue to sing the hymns. Once everyone has been served, the pastor will invite all to stand, using words of Scripture, and all will partake together. The congregation shares in the right hand of fellowship twice during the communion service. The first time signifies our “oneness in Christ” and the second our “renewed dedication and unity of purpose in the service of Christ.”   Gluten-free wafers as well as regular wafers are served by the pastor.   Children may participate in Holy Communion provided that they have a conversation with their parents and/or pastor.   Occasional Holy Communion workshops are held during Sunday School to educate our children in this sacrament.